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Messing with India was costly, preparation to bring no-confidence motion against Moijju

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Messing with India cost the President of Maldives dearly.

Maldives News: The condition of Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu seems to be worsening. Due to his deep ties with China and his anti-India stance, Moijju is now facing trouble in his own country. Opposition parties are criticizing him. Messing with India is costing Maldives dearly. While Indian tourists have turned their backs on Maldives, the opposition is preparing to bring a no-confidence motion against Mohammed Moizzu.

Maldives’ parliamentary minority leader Ali Azim has launched a campaign to bring a no-confidence motion. Ali Azim has said that his foreign policy matters to Maldives. Pointing towards India, he said: We are committed to maintaining stability with our neighboring countries. We would never want any neighboring country to remain isolated from our foreign policy. He said that I have asked the top leaders of my party to bring a no-confidence motion.

China is giving ‘knowledge’ to India

Amidst Mohammed Moizzu’s arrival in China, China has given a statement on the recent tension between India and Maldives. While giving meaningless ‘knowledge’ to India, China has said that India should behave with an open heart towards Maldives. China quoted its government newspaper Global Times as saying that it never asked Maldives to boycott India.

Is Maldives President Moizzu going to come to India amid tension?

Global Times wrote, ‘We also respect the friendly and cooperative relations between Maldives and India.’ We are fully aware of the importance of Male in maintaining good relations with New Delhi. On the other hand, amidst the tension between India and Maldives, some media reports have claimed that President Muizzu is planning to visit India.

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