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Militia fighters killed 800 people in Sudan’s Darfur city, UN shocked

Image Source: AP
A scene from the attack in Sudan city.

Militia fighters have created a spate of deaths in Darfur city of Sudan. The city of Sudan’s war-torn Darfur has been under attack for days by paramilitary forces and fighters from their allied Arab militias. More than 800 people have lost their lives so far in this attack. The United Nations gave this information. Let us tell you that the war has been going on between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary force Rapid Support Forces (RSF) for the last several months. Civilians are also being killed continuously in this. Even children, old people and women are not being spared.

Ardamata in West Darfur province was targeted earlier this month, with a large number of deaths recorded. The ongoing tension between military chief General Abdel-Fatah Burhan and RSF commander General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo escalated into war. Since then, such conditions have been prevailing in Sudan since mid-April.

War continues in Sudan after the coup

Sudan was in the grip of war since the coup. There has been continuous violence here since then. These violent incidents have been happening since a military coup ousted autocratic ruler Omar al-Bashir from power in 2019. The war began 18 months after al-Bashir’s overthrow. More than 800 people have reportedly been killed in Darfur and about 8,000 have fled to neighboring Chad, the UN refugee agency said. However, the agency says that people in Chad are also facing problems. (AP)

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