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More than 100 elephants died due to severe famine and drought in this African country

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Elephants are dying due to drought in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: A large number of elephants are dying due to drought in the African country Zimbabwe. The most affected are old and sick elephants. Which is unable to go far in search of water. At the same time, adult elephants are also dying due to lack of water due to drought. Two hundred elephants died in 2019 due to drought in Hwange National Park.

The number of deaths of elephants may increase

At least 100 elephants have died in recent times due to drought in Zimbabwe’s largest national reserve. Wildlife officials and conservation groups are blaming climate change and El Nino for the death of these elephants. Authorities have warned that more deaths could occur as heat waves and less rainfall are expected in some other areas of the southern African country, including Hwange National Park.

El Nino is the reason, know about it

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has called it a crisis for elephants and other animals. “El Nino is making an already dire situation even worse,” said Tinashe Faravo, a spokesperson for the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. El Nino is actually a climate-related seasonal effect that occurs on average every 2 to 7 years. The Spanish word El Nino means little boy. This is related to higher temperatures in the El Nino Southern Oscillation. La Nino is the opposite of El Nino, the rainy season in this is considered good.

El Nino affects the Pacific Ocean areas

It is mainly caused by unusually warm waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean. East to west winds near the equatorial Pacific, called trade winds, are believed to slow down or reverse direction.

Wildlife life in danger due to climate change

The El Nino phenomenon has already been felt in Zimbabwe. Studies show that climate change is making El NiƱo stronger, leading to more severe consequences. Authorities fear a repeat of the events of 2019, when more than 200 elephants died in Hwange National Park due to severe drought.

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