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NATO countries’ support for Ukraine is continuously decreasing, Germany said – “Kiev is not an ally”

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After 22 months of the Russia-Ukraine war, Kiev’s struggle is beginning to weaken. The reason for this is that Kiev’s support by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries is continuously decreasing. In such a situation, Ukraine has a severe shortage of weapons to fight the war. The President of Ukraine is again gathering support by traveling to different countries. But they are not getting the expected support and ammunition for the war. In such a situation, the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers is breaking and the Russian army is becoming increasingly dominant. Meanwhile, Germany is also being accused of deliberately not giving arms to Ukraine. So that Kiev fails to stop Russia from making headway.

In response to these allegations against him, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that ‘Kiev is not our ally.’ However, he said that despite this, Germany is fully helping Ukraine. The allegation against him of deliberately not supplying weapons is false. Pistorius said that support for Ukraine from other countries, like Germany, has also decreased. Germany alone is not involved in this. All NATO countries are not able to help Ukraine.

Germany explains the reason behind Ukraine’s decline in support

The German Defense Minister, citing the reason behind the lagging supply of arms to Ukraine, said that European defense production is very slow. It will have to be increased. He rejected speculation that Germany was delaying military aid to prevent Kiev from making major gains on the battlefield. Boris Pistorius reminded in an interview that Ukraine is not an ally of Germany. “The problem we have right now is that the arms industry can’t move as fast as it needs to in some areas,” he said. Therefore there is a need to speed it up.

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