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NATO increases tension with Russia, opens coffers for Ukraine, will give arms worth $1.2 billion – India TV Hindi

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NATO increases Russia’s tension, opens safe for Ukraine

NATO on Ukraine : There is a long war going on between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, NATO is fully supporting Ukraine. Russia is having sleepless nights due to this. Another NATO collaboration has further disturbed Russia’s sleep. NATO is now going to give arms worth $1.2 billion to Ukraine. This will make Ukraine more powerful. This will mean that this war is not going to end right now. Because Russia will not accept defeat and the weapons that Ukraine is getting will make it easier for it to face Russia.

According to the information, NATO announced on Tuesday that it has signed an agreement worth 1.1 billion euros i.e. 1.2 million dollars to buy artillery shells. The move comes amid intensifying firing between Russia and Ukraine since late last year. Due to this, Ukraine’s weapons stockpile has been exhausted. NATO has given green signal to the purchase of 2 lakh 20 thousand rounds of 155 mm ammunition. Ukraine also needs this at this time. “This agreement is important for defending our own territory, building up our own weapons stockpile, but also for continuing to support Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

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What did the NATO Secretary General say?

He said, ‘The war in Ukraine has become a war of ammunition. We cannot allow President Vladimir Putin to win in Ukraine. This would be a tragedy for Ukrainians and dangerous for all of us.

What is the mathematics of attack from both sides?

In recent times, the war between the two countries has intensified. It is true that NATO is fully helping Ukraine, but the truth is also that Ukraine is still not completely capable of countering Russia. Russia has increased airstrikes against Ukraine in recent weeks to overwhelm Ukrainian air defenses. Ukrainian officials claim that Russia launched 500 drones and missiles between December 29 and January 2.

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