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Nepal: Janakpur city became Rammayi, slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ were raised everywhere, 10 lakh devotees gathered.

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Lord Shriram Janaki marriage ceremony took place in Janakpur

Nepal Janakpur News: Lord Shri Ram and Janaki got married on Sunday in Janaki temple of Janakpur, Nepal. On one hand, preparations for the consecration of Ram temple on January 22 in Ayodhya are going on in full swing. A large number of Janakpur residents gathered to welcome the wedding procession that reached Janakpur in Nepal from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. This is a grand scene of the 7-day Vivah Panchami festival that started on December 12. Nearly 10 lakh devotees from across the country and abroad witnessed the traditional wedding festival. Janakpur residents had gathered in large numbers to welcome the wedding procession from Ayodhya, the atmosphere had become very enthusiastic. The farewell is taking place on 19th December.

Marriage ceremony took place in North Janakpur

On the Panchami date of Shukla Paksha, a marriage ceremony was organized with Lord Shri Ram and Mata Janaki according to mythological customs on the land of Janakpur, about 25 kilometers north of Bhittha Mod border of Sitamarhi.

Flowers showered from helicopter

The entire atmosphere remained devotional due to the chanting of Ram Janaki. Earlier, at the beginning of Swayamvar, devotees showered flowers with enthusiasm. Flowers were also showered from the helicopter. After this, the tableau and dola of Lord Shri Ram and Sitaji were brought to the Janaki temple complex in Madwa. All the marriage ceremonies were conducted there as per the rituals. Wedding songs were being played everywhere. Saints, Mahants and dignitaries from Ayodhya, Jagannathpuri as well as from India and abroad participated in the program.

The marriage of Mother Sita and Ram ji took place in Janakpur.

The marriage of Lord Ram and Mother Sita was held in Janakpur, the holy land of Mithila, during Tretayuga. That day must have been a day of great joy for Mithila city. Mother Sita, being the daughter of King Janak, is called Janaki Mata. Mithila residents and Ayodhya residents also fondly call her Janak Nandani. The place where the marriage of Mother Sita and Lord Shri Ram took place. It is situated in present day Janakpur, Nepal and today there is a grand Janaki Palace at that place. On the other hand, Ayodhya city is ready for the grand consecration of Ram temple. The work is being finalized with great enthusiasm. On January 22, Lord Shri Ram Lalla will sit in the grand Pran Pratistha ceremony.

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