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New Zealand’s female MP used to steal, when caught she resigned, told why she used to do it

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Golriz Gharman

New Zealand News: A strange case has come to light in New Zealand. Usually an illiterate, criminal or financially distressed person commits acts like theft. But it would be surprising if a public representative like an MP starts stealing. A similar case has come to light from New Zealand. Here the MP, that too a female MP, is accused of theft from a shop and shopping mall. The name of this MP is Golriz Gharaman, who has himself admitted to theft and has also resigned from the post of MP. He told why she used to do things like theft?

Golridge is the first New Zealand MP to be a refugee. She was sworn in as the country’s first refugee MP in 2017. On being caught on charges of theft, Golridge said – ‘The stress of work troubled me and whatever happened is the result of that stress. However, I believe that I have let my people down. I apologize for this.

Dress stolen from stores, police found video footage

Golridge is accused of stealing dresses from stores in Auckland and Wellington. Police have obtained video footage of these stores. Now investigation against Golriz has also started. New Zealand’s Green Party female MP Golriz Gharaman has resigned. Golriz, of Iranian origin, resigned from her post after facing at least three allegations of theft of clothes and handbags from the boutique and CCTV footage of the same was revealed.

‘Due to stress, he committed theft against his character’

Ghahraman said, due to the stress related to my work, my mental health is being badly affected. This has led me to act in ways that are completely out of character for me. I’m not making any excuses for my actions but I want to keep things as they are. The kind of behavior that people expect from their elected representatives, which I did not do. It would be best for my mental health if I resign as a Member of Parliament and focus on my recovery. Police are investigating the theft allegations against Golridge.

Gharman was a human rights lawyer in the United Nations

Gharman, a former United Nations human rights lawyer, had created history by becoming a part of the New Zealand government in 2017. She was the first woman from New Zealand who came as a refugee and held the party’s justice department. When Ghahraman was young, her family fled Iran and came to New Zealand. Responding to the resignation of 42-year-old Gharaman, Green Party leader James Shaw said Gharaman had been receiving constant threats of sexual violence, physical violence and death threats since the day she was elected to Parliament.

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