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Nikki Haley has not been able to defeat Trump in even a single primary election, says she will stand firm – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Nikki Haley, Republican Party’s contender for the post of US President.

Washington: Even though Nikki Haley, a contender to become the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, has not been able to defeat her biggest rival Donald Trump in even a single primary election, her courage has not diminished. She has decided to stand alone in the field against Trump till her last breath. Indian-origin Nikki Haley says that even though she has not been able to defeat Trump yet, she has defeated 12 other leaders who were in the first round. So he is not disappointed.

It is noteworthy that Nikki Haley’s campaign team has announced to raise a donation of $ 12 million in February to keep her in the fight. Haley got her first senatorial supporter with party MP Lisa Murkowski supporting the Indian-American leader. In the race to become the Republican candidate, Haley (51) is facing a tough competition from former President Donald Trump (77) and she has not been able to win a single primary election yet, but Haley says that she will not run as a third party candidate or independent. She is not thinking of running for election as a Republican and is a staunch Republican leader.

Nikki said that she will not contest elections as an independent if she loses to Trump.

“I never talked about running as an independent candidate,” Haley told reporters here. “When I entered the race, there were 14 contestants,” she told her supporters in Washington DC. I defeated 12 people. I just have to leave one more behind.” Meanwhile, Haley received the endorsement of Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Murkowski is the first senator to endorse Haley. “I am thrilled to support Nikki Haley,” Murkowski said.

America needs someone with the right values, passion and decision-making ability to be our next President, and there is no one better than him in this race.” Haley thanked Murkowski for endorsing her. Haley’s campaign announced that the Indian-American leader raised $12 million in donations in February, while in January she raised an all-time high of $16.5 million. (Language)

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