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North Korea conducted a big missile test, America, Japan and South Korea were shocked.

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North Korea again conducted a major missile test

North Korea Missile Test: North Korea has once again conducted a major missile test. This missile is a hypersonic missile which is a solid fuel weapon. Once again, America, Japan and South Korea have been shocked by this big missile test. North Korea wants to establish its dominance in the area by continuously testing missiles. Japan and neighboring South Korea are worried about North Korea’s continuous testing of dictator Kim Jong. North Korea is also indirectly showing its attitude to America through its missile tests.

Missile capable of hitting American targets: North Korea

North Korea said on Monday it had test-fired a new solid-fuel intermediate-range missile equipped with a hypersonic warhead. North Korea says this missile is specifically designed to attack remote US targets in the region. This missile is more powerful and detects and pursues targets.

First ballistic missile test of 2024

North Korea’s state media reports come after South Korean and Japanese forces disclosed the missile test from a site near the North Korean capital Pyongyang. This was North Korea’s first ballistic test of 2024. Earlier, North Korea had claimed that it had successfully tested the engines of new solid-fuel medium-range missiles. Two months after this claim, it has successfully tested this missile.

North Korean news agency said this regarding missile test

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said Sunday’s launch was aimed at confirming the reliability of the missile’s solid-fuel engine and the dynamic flight capabilities of the hypersonic warhead. It described the test as successful but did not provide flight details.

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