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Northern Gaza’s top Hamas commander killed after betraying Israel three times in 30 years

Image Source: AP
Ahmed al-Ghandour, the top commander of northern Gaza, was killed. (file)

Even during the Israel-Hamas ceasefire, news that is creating panic in the Hamas camp is coming to light. The Hamas terrorist group has confirmed the death of its top commander Ahmed al-Ghandour in the battle in northern Gaza. Hamas says one of its top commanders has been killed in the war with Israel. The terrorist group announced the death of Ahmed al-Ghandour on Sunday. However, Hamas did not say when and where he was killed.

Let us tell you that Ahmed-al-Ghandour was the highest ranking commander of the Hamas group. This terrorist played an important role in the attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7. Al-Ghandour was a high-ranking member and top commander of the armed wing of the Hamas terror group in northern Gaza. The Israeli army was eagerly searching for this Hamas commander. Al-Ghandour was eventually killed in an IDF attack. However, this claim has not been made by Israel but by Hamas itself.

Al-Ghandour had escaped Israeli attack three times before

According to the Counter Extremism Project, a Washington-based advocacy group, Israel had attempted to kill him three times before, dating back to 2002. But every time he escaped from the Israeli attack. But now for the fourth time, Hamas terrorists have confirmed the death of Al-Ghandour in an Israeli army attack.

Israeli forces also killed at least eight Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel’s security forces in the occupied West Bank area have also killed at least eight Palestinian civilians in the last 24 hours. Palestine Health Ministry officials gave this information on Sunday. The Israeli army carried out this attack as the fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip continued for the third day. Violence in the West Bank has increased significantly since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, resulting in a devastating war in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has killed many Palestinians in the West Bank area and arrested hundreds of people.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said five Palestinians were killed in the militant stronghold of Jenin since Saturday morning, while three others were killed in different areas of the West Bank. The ministry said a teenager was among those killed in al-Bireh in the central West Bank. The Israeli military did not mention the clashes or Palestinian civilian deaths in a statement on Sunday, but said forces were still conducting operations in the area. Palestine’s official news agency Wafa reported that Israeli snipers were deployed on rooftops and army bulldozers were damaging roads and infrastructure.

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