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Not only India, the whole world will watch the telecast of Shri Ram Lalla’s life consecration in Ayodhya.

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Grand Hindu temple built in America.

Preparations for the consecration of Shri Ram Lala and the inauguration of the grand temple in Ayodhya are being made not only in India but also outside it. In many countries including America and Nepal, celebrations will be held for more than a week to commemorate the inauguration of Shri Ram Temple. According to sources, the Indian government can make arrangements to show its live telecast all over the world. Preparations for this are going on. There are also reports of the Foreign Ministry sending instructions to embassies in this regard. It is being said that the live telecast of the inauguration of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be shown in all the countries of the world through embassies. There will also be huge celebrations across the world for weeks. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet by the government.

The celebration of Ramlala’s consecration on January 22 in the grand temple built at the Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya will also be celebrated in the temples of America across the seven seas and preparations are being made on a large scale to celebrate the festival for a week. A top official representing the temples gave this information. Tejal Shah of Hindu Temple Empowerment Council (HMEC) said, “It is our good fortune and blessing that we are a part of this event and our dream temple is coming true after centuries of waiting and struggle. Everyone in America and Canada is emotional. There is a feeling of reverence in everyone’s mind and they are waiting for the consecration of Lord Shri Ram in his temple.

Grand programs will be held in 1100 temples of America

”HMEC is the apex body of 1,100 Hindu temples in the US. He said the week-long festival in temples big and small across North America will begin on January 15 and conclude with the live telecast of the Ram temple inauguration from Ayodhya. The consecration of Ramlala (child form of Lord Ram) will take place on January 22 in the grand temple being built at the Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya. HMEC chairperson Shah said that from the response received so far, it is expected that thousands of people will watch the consecration ceremony. “We will all take resolutions at the end of the program,” he said. For us, the time will be 11 pm on January 21, East Coast time of America. Therefore, we will participate in the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram that night through online medium.” He said that till now dozens of temples in North America have given consent to start kirtan by priests on January 15. He said, more than half the temples have given consent for the main programs to be held on January 21-22.

Lord’s name will echo throughout the world

“More than 100 temples are registering for the events every week,” Shah said, adding that the January 15 event will begin with the chanting of Ram Naam Sankirtan by the priests. Ram Naam Sankirtan is the chanting of the 108 names of Lord Ram used in Valmiki Ramayana. He said that after this, bhajan will be recited by famous artist Vinod Krishnan of Atlanta. He will sing some popular new bhajans of Lord Ram. Shah said that temples will be illuminated on January 21. There are plans to live telecast the Pran Pratishtha ceremony being held in Ayodhya in the temples and to blow the conch shell at the main moment of Pran Pratishtha, after which Prasad will be distributed. Shah said each temple participating in the event will receive a certificate of participation and ‘Prasad’ from the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.

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