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Now beer will not be available to drink in America, there was a stir among the people as soon as the information was received

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Beer manufacturing workers in America warn of strike.

There is bad news for the American people. People who are fond of drinking beer are going to have a famine of it. Beer availability in America may now stop in March 2024. This information has created a stir among beer drinkers. There is also a danger of huge economic loss to America due to this. In fact, workers engaged in beer manufacturing have warned of starting a major strike. Due to this, the availability of beer may stop in March 2024.

Let us tell you that 5000 employees of Anheuser Busch have threatened a massive strike in March. The employees are on strike for better wages and their other demands and conditions. And the brewing giant is preparing for its first major union protest in 2024. The maker of Bud Light and other popular beers in the US is facing a possible strike by 5,000 of its workers who are demanding better pay, job security and benefits.

Strike if demands not met by 29th February

Workers affiliated with the Teamsters union voted overwhelmingly last month to authorize a strike. The workers say that if their contract is not renewed by February 29, they will start a strike from March 1. This will be the first major union demonstration of 2024. The Teamsters warned at the Ax that the strike would disrupt the supply of beer throughout America. “Without a contract by February 29, there will be no beer in March,” he said. The union is led by Sean O’Brien, who becomes president in 2022 and negotiated a historic contract with UPS amid strike threats. He also vowed to fight for Anheuser-Busch workers.

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