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Pakistan’s dirty trick, it is doing such work to break into the Indian intelligence agency – India TV Hindi

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Pakistan’s honey trap plan

Indian intelligence agencies have recently found that Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIOs) are trying to honey trap people associated with defense and sensitive departments and collect sensitive information from them using AI tools and deep fakes. Sources in the agency have revealed that these days, in view of Valentine’s Day, Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIO) are trying to trap those working in sensitive departments. For this, under the guise of love, they are sending many Valentine related malware messages and linked graphics, photos, chat groups in an attempt to hack official profiles to obtain sensitive information.

This is how Pakistan is plotting

Sources also claimed that many officers are under suspicion which can be investigated further. During the investigation, it was also revealed that the profiles of most of the suspected women were created using AI tools and their names were Payal, Sonia, Aarti, Mamta and Sunita. These profiles prepared by PIO look genuine, old and reliable and these profiles are of a model, struggling actress, diverse woman or a needy woman.

Sources also said that whenever any officer working in a sensitive government department came on social media, these fictitious identities were used to communicate with them. PIOs have a good understanding of their targets, making it easier to engage and hook them into conversation. During these conversations, they also negotiate sexual favors in exchange for data on the officers’ phones. According to sources, people are trapped through many deepfake videos and pictures generated by AI tools.

Sources have also claimed that after the recent incidents, the Indian Army has created its own AI chatbot and this chatbox is designed with the aim of luring its own soldiers and identifying potential spies.

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