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Pakistan’s tension will increase, India started war exercises with this Muslim country

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India started war exercises with this Muslim country in Rajasthan

India UAE Joint Practice: There is tension in the Middle East amid the war between Israel and Hamas. Many Muslim countries stand with Palestine and Hamas. India tries its best to maintain strategic presence in the Middle East. In such a situation, India shares many important platforms with many Muslim countries. Not only this, India is also conducting war exercises with Muslim countries.

According to the information, India, United Arab Emirates i.e. UAE started a two-week military exercise in Rajasthan. The armies of India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) started this war exercise in the Mahajan area of ​​Rajasthan on Tuesday. This joint military exercise reflects the growing defense partnership between the two countries.

What is the purpose of war exercises?

The Indian Army said Exercise ‘Desert Cyclone’ aims to enhance cooperation in sub-conventional operations in desert and semi-desert areas under the broader framework of the United Nations Charter on Peacekeeping Operations. This is the first time that both the armies are conducting such a big military exercise together. It will run till January 15.

How are the relations between the two countries?

India and the United Arab Emirates share strong ties of friendship. These relations are based on centuries-old cultural, religious and economic exchanges between the two countries.

Future prospects and continued cooperation

As ‘Desert Cyclone 2024’ unfolds in the desert of Rajasthan, it is expected to pave the way for deeper cooperation between India and the UAE in the field of defence. The joint exercise serves as a testament to the commitment of both countries to strengthen their military partnership, enhance interoperability and contribute to regional and global security.

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