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Palestinian supporter sets himself on fire, incident happens outside Israeli embassy

Image Source : ANI
Palestinian supporter commits suicide outside Israeli Consulate

Fighting has started again after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Israel accused Hamas of violating the ceasefire and started airstrikes on Hamas again on Friday. The news of 175 Palestinians being killed in this attack is coming out. Meanwhile, a female Palestinian supporter set herself on fire with a Palestine flag in front of the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta, America. Times of Israel has shared this news quoting the local police. Let us tell you that the condition of the protestor is said to be critical after committing self-immolation. During this time, the security guard present there tried to save the life of the Palestinian supporter, in which he also got injured. According to the police, the condition of the security personnel is also said to be critical.

Palestine supporter commits suicide

Atlanta Police Chief Darrin Schierbaum said in a press conference that we believe this incident was caused by staunch political support. He told that the place where the Israeli Consulate is located and several other commercial buildings. The protestor reached there and sprinkled gasoline on himself and set himself on fire. The embassy building is safe and there is no possibility of any danger. The Atlanta-based FBI office said it is cooperating with local law enforcement agencies on this case.

Ceasefire ends between Israel and Hamas

Let us tell you that regarding the attack on Palestine by Israel on Friday, Palestinian health officials say that Israel has heavily bombed Gaza on the very first day after the ceasefire was broken. At least 175 people are reported to have died in this attack. During this time, the Israeli Air Force also dropped leaflets in some areas of the southern part of Gaza. In this pamphlet, people have been appealed to leave their homes located in Khan Yunis city. Let us tell you that before this there was a 7-day ceasefire between the two sides, which ended again on Friday. Meanwhile, the American newspaper Wall Street Journal has claimed that the Israeli intelligence agency is preparing to kill Hamas leaders around the world after this war.

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