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Parents will be able to preserve the sperm of their sacrificed son in Israel

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Parents will be able to preserve the sperm of their sacrificed son in Israel

Israel Hamas War: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Many Israeli soldiers have been killed in this war. Most of them are unmarried. In such a situation, a way has been found to keep alive not only our sacrificed son but also his living symbols. For this, the Israeli government has simplified the process of preserving sperm. This process will be completed before burying the sacrificed soldier and the sperm will be kept safe in cold storage. Later, through the process of conception, an embryo will be developed from the said sperm. Currently in Israel, under the Posthumous Sperm Retrieval (PSR) process, a widowed woman can save her late husband’s sperm. For this he does not need to go through any legal process.

The decision was taken so that the dynasty does not stop from moving forward.

But, now parents have also been given the right to preserve their son’s sperm. This has been done because many of the martyred soldiers are unmarried and after their departure from this world, there is a possibility that the family’s continuity will end. There is also a challenge that the number of Jews in sparsely populated Israel will not decrease further. Therefore, this process has been simplified by eliminating many formalities. Israel’s Health Ministry has temporarily simplified the process and empowered parents.

More than 1400 people died in Israel

Let us tell you that the war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since October 7. On October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel from three sides and carried out a gruesome massacre. 1400 Israelis were killed in this. Since then, Israel has been continuously attacking Gaza. Civilians including soldiers have also been killed in this attack. On the other hand, Palestine has said that in Gaza, 10,569 people have been killed in Israel’s counter-military operation to destroy Hamas. Women and children are also among the innocent civilians who lost their lives.

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