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Pauper Pakistan will help anti-India Maldives, Pak PM Kakar talked to Moizzu – India TV Hindi

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Pak PM Kakar talked to Moizzu

Pakistan on Maldives: Ever since Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu became the President, he has been taking anti-India steps. Pro-China President Moizzu has started work to send the Indian Army deployed in Maldives back to India. For this a delegation is coming to India and talking. On the other hand, poor Pakistan has come forward to help Maldives which is opposing India. Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar spoke to Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu on phone and assured help in development.

The question arises that poor Pakistan could not handle its own country and went to help Maldives. Maldives’ tourism industry has been affected after Indian tourists boycotted Maldives. In such a situation, poor Pakistan, whose own economy is going down and inflation is sky high, is talking about helping Maldives.

According to the information, amidst the tension with India, neighboring country Pakistan has come forward in support of Maldives. Pakistan has assured Maldives of helping in development works. During a telephonic conversation with Maldivian President Mohammed Moizzu, Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar discussed ways to further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. And assured help in development. Apart from regional cooperation, the two leaders also discussed ways to promote cooperation at the international level.

China is the common ‘friend’ of Maldives and Pakistan

Let us tell you that diplomatic relations between Maldives and Pakistan were established on 26 July 1966. Another strong link between the two countries is China. In a way, Pakistan is considered an evergreen friend of China while Maldives President Muizzu is also a supporter of China.

How did the tension between India and Maldives start?

PM Narendra Modi recently visited Lakshadweep and compared its beauty with Maldives. On this, the ministers of Moijju government in Maldives became furious and three ministers made objectionable comments on the pictures of PM Modi’s visit. However these ministers were suspended. But since then tension has increased between the two countries. At the same time, Mohammad Moizzu made his first official visit to his friend China, bypassing India. With this visit, Moizzu broke the tradition in which anyone elected as the President of Maldives first visits India. In such a situation, Moijju is increasing tension between the two countries due to his ‘antics’.

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