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People from so many countries reached Finland without visa and passport amid Ukraine war, suspicion on Russia

Image Source: AP
Refugees reached Finland amid Russia-Ukraine war.

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, hundreds of people have reached Finland without visas and passports. These include people from many countries. After this incident, the European Union suspects Russian involvement. The European Union fears that Russia may have done this as part of some deep conspiracy and it may have sent a large number of immigrants to Finland. The European Union (EU) border agency has said it will send officers and equipment to Finland. So that Finland can protect its border.

The European Union (EU) agency Frontex said it expects to send 50 border security officers, other staff, patrol cars and other equipment by next week. More than 800 immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Kenya, Morocco and Somalia have arrived in Finland since August without valid visas and documents. In the month of November alone, till Wednesday, more than 700 immigrants have arrived.

Finland’s PM said this on security

Finnish Prime Minister Petter Orpo said in an address to parliament on Thursday that there is a “serious flaw in border security” that affects the national security of the country of 5.6 million. “Finland cannot be influenced, Finland cannot be destabilized,” he said. Russia started it and Russia can also stop it.” At the same time, Russia has denied the allegations. On Wednesday, the country’s border security personnel and soldiers installed barbed wire fencing and barricades at some places along the long border with Russia. Frontex executive director Hans Leijtens said the move to send equipment and troops to the border “demonstrates the EU’s unified stance against challenges affecting one of its member states.” (AP)

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