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Persian Gulf became the root of new dispute, two friendly Muslim countries came face to face

Image Source: AP
Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and Russia’s President Putin.

A big dispute has arisen between two powerful Muslim countries of the world. These are two Muslim friendly countries, whose friendship is well known all over the world. Even powerful countries like America are afraid of the friendship between these two Muslim countries. But now a rift has started developing in the friendship between these two countries. The reason for the rift in the friendship between these two countries is the Persian Gulf. Let us tell you how the Persian Gulf has become the root of a big dispute between two Muslim friendly countries. Now Russia and Iran are face to face regarding this. Whereas these two countries are considered good friends among themselves. But due to the Persian Gulf dispute, Iran has summoned the ambassador of its friendly country. Due to this the tension has started increasing.

In fact, Iran has summoned the in-charge of the Russian Embassy and lodged a strong protest regarding the statement on the disputed islands in the Persian Gulf. Iranian media gave this information on Sunday. Let us tell you that Russia and Arab countries issued a joint statement earlier this week challenging Iran’s claim on the disputed islands in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s state news agency IRNA said that the Russian envoy was summoned in this matter on Saturday and a note was handed over to Moscow. In this, Tehran has protested against the statement of the sixth Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum issued in Morocco, which called for a peaceful solution to the dispute between Iran and the United Arab Emirates over the islands.

Iran’s Foreign Minister spoke to his Russian counterpart on phone

After the increase in the Persian Gulf dispute, Iran’s Foreign Minister has also talked to his Russian counterpart on phone. On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahiyan spoke by phone with his Russian counterpart and said, “Respecting the sovereignty and integrity of states is one of the basic principles in international relations,” IRNA said in a separate report. There is one.” This is the second time this year that Iran has summoned the Russian envoy in protest over comments on the disputed islands. Tehran summoned the Russian ambassador in July over a similar statement. (AP)

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