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PM Benjamin Netanyahu in trouble, South Africa files this case against Israel in ICJ

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s troubles may increase. South Africa has filed a case against Israel in the UN’s top court for the first time, alleging that the IDF’s military campaign in Gaza amounts to genocide. At the same time, Israel has expressed its resolve to face this matter boldly in the International Court. South Africa has said in an 84-page petition that Israel’s action “is of the nature of genocide, because the intention behind it is to destroy a large part of Palestine in Gaza.” In the petition, the International Court has been requested in the petition that It should declare that Israel “has violated and continues to violate its obligations under the Genocide Convention.”

It also says that Israel should be ordered to immediately stop hostile actions in Gaza so that the people can get some relief and it should rebuild the structures in Gaza which it has destroyed. The petition states that acts of genocide include killing Palestinians, causing serious mental and physical harm, etc. South Africa argued that the court could intervene because both countries had signed documents to the Genocide Convention.

South African President Ramaphosa cursed Israel

Many in the country, including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, believe that Israel’s policies in Gaza and the West Bank are similar to those of the long-term apartheid regime in South Africa. However Israel has rejected these allegations. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the facts in the South African case do not fall within the legal scope and this is a kind of insult to the court. Alon Levy, an official in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, on Tuesday accused South Africa of giving “political and legal protection” to Hamas’ October 7 attack. It was only after this attack that Israel started the war against Hamas. “Israel will appear before the International Court of Justice in The Hague to reject South Africa’s absurd genocide accusations,” Levy said. (AP)

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