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President Putin’s big announcement, said ‘Russia will soon make a vaccine to treat this dangerous disease’ – India TV Hindi

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Russia: President Putin

Putin on Cancer Vaccine: Amidst the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a big announcement. He has said that Russia is working rapidly on making a vaccine for the world’s most dangerous incurable disease. Putin also claimed that soon Russia will make a vaccine for the treatment of this dangerous disease. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that scientists are working on it and they are in the final stages. In one of his addresses, the President said, ‘We are very close to the creation of the so-called cancer vaccine and new generation immunomodulatory drugs.’

Russian President Putin made this announcement in his address at the Moscow Forum. During this, Putin said, ‘I hope that soon the vaccine can be used effectively to treat people. Putin, however, did not specify what type of cancer the proposed vaccine would be used to treat. Many countries and companies are working on cancer vaccines.

Russia was the first to make Corona vaccine

When the whole world was in the grip of Corona epidemic and was waiting for the vaccine. Then Russia was the first to announce the production of the vaccine. During the Corona epidemic, Russia created its own Sputnik V vaccine to deal with Covid 19. It was also sold to many countries.

Britain is testing the vaccine

Last year, the British government started a clinical trial for the treatment of ‘personalized cancer’. The British government has set a target of reaching 10 thousand patients by the year 2030. Britain is engaged in trials in collaboration with Germany’s Iontech.

Many other companies are involved in making cancer vaccine

Pharmaceutical companies like Moderna and Merck are also making cancer vaccines, which can be used in the middle stage of cancer. During the research, it was found that after three years of treatment, the chances of recurrence of the most deadly skin cancer, melanoma, or death due to it, halved.

Currently these vaccines are available for cancer

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently six licensed vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes many cancers, including cervical cancer. There are also vaccines against hepatitis B (HBV), which can cause liver cancer.

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