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Rajnath Singh gave a strong message to China, “Army will give reply to anyone who keeps an evil eye on India – India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has talked about giving a befitting reply to enemies like China and Pakistan who are keeping an evil eye on India. He said that whatever country will look at India with evil eyes…our army will respond to it in the same tone. The Defense Minister on Thursday said that if anyone casts an evil eye on India, the armed forces are well equipped, capable and ready to give a befitting reply. His statement came in the backdrop of nearly four years of border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh and concerns over the entry of the Chinese army into the Indian Ocean. Singh said the country’s defense system has been “infused with a new energy” by the government in line with the vision of the people and as a result India has emerged as a powerful nation on the global stage with a strong and self-reliant military.

He also said that India’s defense apparatus is stronger than ever today as the Narendra Modi-led government is focusing on strengthening it with the “spirit of Indianness”. He described the approach as the major difference between the present and previous governments and said that the present government strongly believes in the capabilities of the people of India, whereas those in power earlier were somewhat skeptical about their capabilities. Singh said, “Today our forces have strong will because of the strong leadership at the Centre. We are continuously working towards keeping the morale of the soldiers high.

Government is making the army strong and self-reliant

”Indian and Chinese troops have been in a standoff at some locations in eastern Ladakh for more than three and a half years, even as both sides have completed withdrawal of troops from several areas after extensive diplomatic and military talks. Rajnath Singh described promotion of self-reliance in defense manufacturing as the biggest change brought by the government and said that it is giving a new shape to India’s defense sector. He also highlighted various measures initiated by the Defense Ministry to achieve self-reliance in the defense sector, including setting up of Defense Industrial Corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, reserving 75 per cent of the capital procurement budget for domestic industry and Ordnance Factory Board Including corporatization.

Defense production increased more than two and a half times

The Defense Minister said that the annual defense production, which was around Rs 40,000 crore in 2014, has now crossed a record Rs 1.10 lakh crore. He said, “Nine-ten years ago, defense exports were Rs 1,000 crore, which has increased today. Has reached Rs 16,000 crore. We have targeted to achieve exports of Rs 50,000 crore by 2028-29.” The Defense Minister said that when it comes to technology, developing countries have two options – innovation and imitation. He said that the government is laying special emphasis on making the country a technology creator instead of an imitator. He said, “Even if a country copies the technology of other countries, it progresses from the old technology, but the problem is that it becomes addicted to imitation and second-rate technology,” he said. That it forces them to lag behind a developed country by 20-30 years. (Language)

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