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Relatives of Israelis taken hostage and killed by Hamas petition Australian Parliament

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Israel Hamas war.

Israel Hamas War: There has been a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for the first four days and then two additional days. During this period, Israel has released Palestinian prisoners and Hamas has released Israeli hostages. Meanwhile, relatives of Israeli citizens kidnapped and killed by Hamas have visited the Parliament of Australia.

Relatives and a friend of Israeli civilians kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas visited Australia’s Parliament on Tuesday. During this time, Israeli citizens sought to lobby for international support to free all hostages and support Israel’s war efforts.

The group of five Israeli citizens will meet politicians from there during a two-day visit to Canberra.

‘Our aim is to bring all the hostages first’

The Israeli nationals are also expected to share experiences with community members in Sydney and Melbourne during their one-week visit to Australia. “Our goal is to first bring back the hostages,” Elad Levi, 49, told reporters outside the parliament building. Levi’s niece, Ronnie Eshel (19), was a soldier. Eshel was initially thought to have been abducted by Hamas during an incursion into Israel on October 7, but his death was confirmed a few weeks later. “Our second objective is to garner the support of the Australian people and the Australian government for Israeli action to eliminate Hamas,” Levy said.

Blinken will visit Israel again

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will once again visit Israel. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit West Asia again this week. This will be Blinken’s third visit to the region since the war between Israel and Hamas began last month.

Blinken will visit Israel and West Bank

Blinken will travel to Israel and the West Bank on Tuesday and Wednesday after attending Ukraine-focused meetings in Brussels, Brazil, and Skopje, North Macedonia. Israel and Hamas agreed on Monday to extend their ceasefire agreement by two more days, raising hopes of continuing an exchange of Palestinian prisoners held by militants and held in Israeli jails.

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