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Russia dropped nuclear bomb on Ukraine as deadly as “cluster bomb”, created devastation; 6 died

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Russia has launched a very dangerous attack on Ukraine after a long time. The Russian army on Thursday dropped a cluster bomb on a suburb of the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. Six people were killed, while more than 60 residential and infrastructure buildings were damaged. This fierce attack by Russia has caused devastation in southern Kherson. In many ways, cluster bombs are more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Three other people died on Friday. A Ukrainian official gave this information. With this the number of civilians who lost their lives in the war in one day increased to six.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko said five people were wounded in heavy shelling in the afternoon in the Chernobyivka suburb of Kherson. He said more than 60 residential buildings and infrastructure were destroyed in the attack during the day. Some media reports claim that cluster bombs were used in the war by both Russia and Ukraine. Critics say the weapons spread shrapnel on the ground and harm and kill far more civilians than combatants.

Earlier in the day, three people were killed in Russian attacks in different areas. Meanwhile, Russian state media reported that TV journalist Boris Maksudov died after being injured in a drone strike while working in the Russian-occupied Zaporozhye region of southern Ukraine.

How dangerous are cluster bombs?

Cluster bomb is such a bomb of destruction, which is not nuclear, but is not less than atomic weapons in many ways. Cluster bombs cause havoc wherever they are dropped. They make the land barren and make the population desolate. Cluster means a bunch or group of something. These are dropped from high altitude through aircraft or fired from the sea. When a cluster bomb explodes, thousands of new small bombs are created in the air and start raining destruction.

Just like nuclear bombs, their number increases from one to thousands. These automatically generate many small cluster bombs, which clear the area. It is being used extensively to destroy enemy combat vehicles and kill people. Along with this, these cluster bombs are also used in blowing up airstrips, destroying power transmission lines, dispersing land mines, and destroying chemical and biological weapons. After the explosion of cluster bombs, they can go to a height of 100 to 1000 meters. From this you can imagine how dangerous they are. (AP)

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