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Russia shot down 16 drones, Ukraine was about to launch a major attack on Russian military bases

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Russia shot down 16 Ukrainian drones

Russia Ukraine War News: The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. This war has been going on continuously for two years. Meanwhile, Russia has made a big claim that it has shot down 16 Ukrainian drones in Crimea. Ukraine has stepped up attacks on Russian military targets in and around the peninsula as part of a retaliatory offensive launched in June.

Russia said on Friday it destroyed 16 Ukrainian drones in the air in the south of the country and over the annexed Crimea peninsula. Russia’s Defense Ministry said, “On Thursday night, a conspiracy was being planned to attack Russian territory using aerial drones, but Russia has foiled this attempt by Ukraine.”

Why is Ukraine targeting Crimea?

The Russian Defense Ministry said that ‘out of the drones destroyed by our air defense system, 13 were about to attack the Crimean Peninsula. While three were going from Volgograd area.” In 2014, Russia had captured Crimea. Now Ukraine wants to take this area back under its control. Ukraine attacks this area also because Russia Russia has deployed its Black Sea Fleet in this area. It is through this area that Russia supplies food or weapons to its army.

Russian journalist killed in Ukraine drone attack

Russian journalist Boris Maksudov was killed in another drone attack in Ukraine. After his death, the CEO of Russia’s state media agency Rossiya Segodnya described him as a martyr. “Boris Maksudov has embraced death like a brave man,” he said. Earlier in the month of May, video journalist Arman Soldin of news agency AFP was also killed in Bakhmut. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, many journalists in Ukraine have also been killed.

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