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Russia spoke openly for the first time on America’s role in the Middle East, used it for electoral gains – India TV Hindi

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Russia spoke openly on America’s role in the war in the Middle East

Russia on America: The war continues in the Middle East. Russia has accused America of its aggressive role in the war between Israel and Hamas. For the first time, Russia has openly accused America of taking political advantage in the Middle East war. Russia accused America of showing aggression in West Asia for electoral gains.

Russia on Monday accused the US of showing aggression against Iraq and Syria to protect its dominance in the world and to polish the ‘image’ of President Joe Biden’s administration before the elections in the country. The US hit back, saying its military response to unjustified attacks by Iran-backed militias against US security forces is not only legitimate but will continue.

Russia had called UNSC meeting

Russia, considered Syria’s closest ally, had called a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. In this there were allegations and counter allegations between the two countries. In the meeting, both countries also said that they want the Israel-Hamas war not to prolong further. Many member countries of the Council expressed fear of increasing conflict in West Asia and urged to reduce tension and intensify peace efforts.

America is violating international law: Russia said in UN

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, accused the US of violating international law and “sowing the seeds of chaos and destruction in West Asia.” He alleged that violence by the US and its allies has extended from the Palestinian territories to Lebanon, the Red Sea and Yemen and is “derailing international efforts to establish peace in West Asia.” ‘Called to unequivocally condemn these senseless acts, which violate the sovereignty of Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic.’ He is trying to show his strength as part of his election campaign before the elections.

America gave this answer to Russia’s allegation

He claimed the US was taking military action “in an effort to maintain its dominance in the world at any cost”. US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood responded by saying that the US has a right to self-defence against attacks on its security forces and that the action it took was “necessary and in response to the attacks”. Wood said the US does not want further conflict in the region and is “actively working to prevent and de-escalate the conflict in Gaza.”

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