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Russia’s space equipment manufacturer chief arrested, why Putin took action

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

The biggest news is coming out from Moscow amid the Russia Ukraine war. Yevgeny Fomichev, head of Russia’s space equipment manufacturer, has been arrested. It has been said that he is accused of fraud on a large scale. He was the head of a company that made navigation systems for Russia’s space program. He was arrested in Moscow. State media reported on Friday. Yevgeny Fomichev is being interrogated after his arrest. The TASS news agency quoted an unnamed law enforcement official as saying that Yevgeny Fomichev was interrogated on charges of large-scale fraud. If convicted of the charges, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,972. This amount is equivalent to one million Russian rubles.

Moscow’s Basmanny District Court, which handles high-profile cases, ordered Fomichev to be held in pre-trial detention until February 21 at the request of Russia’s Investigative Committee, which deals with serious crimes, TASS said. Fomichev is the head of NPP Geophysics-Cosmos. This company manufactures “Opto-Electronic Orientation and Navigation Devices for Spacecraft”. Almost all Russian spacecraft use its instruments. The website includes a nine-page anti-corruption policy that says management has a key role in creating a culture of zero-tolerance towards corruption. But there is an allegation of violation in this.

Luna-25 gave a blow to Russia’s space program

Before the arrest of the head of the Russian space equipment manufacturer, Russia’s space mission Luna-25 had suffered a major setback. Luna-25 had crashed while landing on the south pole of the Moon before India’s Chandrayaan-3. Russia launched its space program in August. But he suffered a major setback when his Luna-25 spacecraft collided with the Moon’s surface while attempting to land on it. An investigation blamed a malfunction in an on-board control unit for the failure of Russia’s first Moon mission for 47 years. However, information about all the allegations against Yevgeny Fomichev has not been given due to privacy reasons.

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