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Seeing the condition of the injured in Gaza, doctors told the scary truth, you will be shocked to hear it – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Buildings destroyed by Israeli bombing in Gaza.

Rafah (Gaza Strip): Due to the havoc of Israeli bombardment in Gaza, big buildings have become ruins…people have died in a painful manner. Doctors have described the condition of those who are injured and fighting for their lives. The doctors of Gaza have described the plight of the injured in such a way that you will be shocked to hear it. The head of the city hospital in Gaza said that Palestinian civilians were injured in the firing of Israeli soldiers. Doctors said that looking at the condition of the people, it appears that they have been subjected to heavy firing.

At least 115 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 others were injured in Israeli firing on Thursday, according to health officials. These people had gathered in the war-torn area to collect relief material. Dr. Mohammed Salha, acting director of Al-Awda Hospital, told The Associated Press that of the 176 injured brought to the hospital, 142 were shot and 34 were crushed to death in the stampede. Dr. Husam Abu Safia, director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, said that most of the people brought to the hospital were shot in the upper part of the body and many died due to gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest.

Israel had denied the firing

The Israeli army had rejected allegations of firing on Palestinians. The Israeli army says that people died due to stampede. The UN said a team visited Shifa hospital in Gaza City and found more than 200 people being treated, including ‘a large number with gunshot wounds’. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and several European leaders have condemned the incident and called for an independent and credible investigation. (AP)

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