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Ship hijacked near Somalia, 15 Indian crew members present, Indian Navy active

Image Source: Reuters
Ship hijacked near Somalia

Somalia Ship Hijack: A ship has been hijacked off the coast of Somalia. After the ship was hijacked on Thursday, the Indian Army has started strict surveillance. The hijacked Liberian-flagged ship also has 15 Indian crew members on board. The name of this ship is ‘MV Leela Norfolk’, which is reported to have been hijacked near the maritime border of Somalia.

Indian Navy has become active after receiving information about hijacking. The Navy has sent one of its warships, INS Chennai, towards the kidnapped ship. The Navy says that we are ready to deal with any situation. According to Indian Navy officials, strict vigil is being maintained to search the kidnapped ship ‘MV Leela Norfolk’. Information about his kidnapping was received on Thursday evening. The flag of Liberia is on this ship. Indian Navy aircraft are continuously keeping an eye on the ship.

The ship was hijacked earlier also, Indian Navy had rescued it

The big thing is that contact has been established with the crew members. It is being told that all the crew members on the ship are safe. Incidents of hijacking of a ship near Somalia have already happened. Recently, Somalian pirates hijacked a Malta ship in the Arabian Sea. The Indian Navy became active immediately after this incident. A warship and a maritime patrol aircraft were hurriedly sent to the Arabian Sea by the Navy, after which the Indian Navy rescued the ship.

Navy aircraft took off

The Malta ship was on its way from Korea to Türkiye. During this time, he was attacked by pirates from Somalia. The aircraft sent by the Indian Navy flew over the hijacked ship on the morning of 15 December 2023. Officials had said that the Navy sent its assistance to the incident area as soon as information about the hijacking of the ship was received.

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