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Spring has arrived prematurely in the world, snow has cleared in Europe – India TV Hindi

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Spring has arrived early in the world

Spring Arrived Early in World: Call it global warming or the recent climate change. While last year was known as the hottest year, this time spring arrived before time in many parts of the world. This time too the month of February is going to be the hottest recorded. Due to climate change, spring has arrived early.

It is the effect of spring that flowers have bloomed early from Japan to Mexico. Snow has disappeared from the skiing resorts in Europe. The temperature in Texas has reached around 38 degrees Celsius. The US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is still collecting data. However, early trends suggest that this will be the ninth consecutive month that temperatures are set to break historically high records. NOAA will publish final data for February March 14.

Know when El Nino effect will end

NOAA atmospheric scientist Karin Gleason said that the effect of El Nino will end by the end of 2024. After this, the world is likely to get relief from the heat. However, after this the effect of La Nino will increase rapidly. La Nino is the opposite of El Nino. In such a situation, due to the arrival of La Nino, the severe winter in the eastern Pacific region can break the record of years. NOAA estimates there is a 22 percent chance that 2024 will break 2023’s record as the hottest year. There is a 99 percent chance that it will be included in the 5 hottest years ever.

Spring arrived early in Japan, Mexico

Gleason said he has seen pictures of Japan, Mexico and Europe on the Internet. Spring has arrived here early. At many places in America, the temperature was higher than normal by 22 degrees Celsius. In Killeen city of Texas, a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius was recorded, whereas the normal temperature here these days is 16 degrees. According to media reports, Anders Leverman, a physicist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said that the increased heat due to global warming is wreaking havoc on global weather systems. Glaciers are melting from the poles and mountains, sea level is rising.

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