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Tension increases between India and Maldives, Indian High Commissioner summoned to Male

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Mohammad Moizzu and PM Modi.

India Maldives:The tension between India and Maldives has increased further. Three Maldivian ministers who made objectionable remarks against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been dismissed. He had recently made objectionable comments regarding PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, when PM Modi had described Lakshadweep as the best island for tourism. Meanwhile, Maldivian President Moizzu left for China tour. He is considered a supporter of China. The big thing is that India had summoned the High Commissioner of Maldives regarding this entire matter. The reaction to this action of New Delhi has been seen in Male, where the Maldives government has also summoned the Indian High Commissioner in retaliation.

Diplomatic dispute has started between India and Maldives. The country’s Foreign Ministry has sent summons to the Indian High Commissioner present in Male, the capital of Maldives. This step has been taken by the island country after India had also summoned the Maldives ambassador present in New Delhi. The Indian High Commission present in Maldives informed about the summons received by the High Commissioner on the social media platform ‘X’. The High Commission tweeted, ‘India’s High Commissioner to Maldives Munu Mahavar today held a pre-scheduled meeting with Dr Ali Naseer Mohammed, Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives. In this meeting both the diplomats discussed bilateral issues. Munu Mahavar took over the responsibility of Indian High Commissioner to Maldives in November 2021.

Relations deteriorated due to the arrival of the new President

Relations between India and Maldives are very old. India has stood with Maldives in every crisis. If there was a Corona epidemic, India delivered the vaccine consignment. In 2014, when there was water crisis in Maldives, India quenched the thirst of Maldives by sending its ships. However, in recent years, anti-India campaigns have started in Maldives. Ever since China increased its activity in the Indian Ocean, it has left no stone unturned in spreading anti-India sentiments by trying to make countries like Maldives into economic slaves.

Relations deteriorated further when Mohammed Moizzu became the President of Maldives. As soon as Moizzu became the President, he announced to send back Indian soldiers posted in Maldives for decades. Moijju, a supporter of China, takes anti-India steps. He had launched ‘India Out’ campaign during the election campaign.

What is the latest controversy?

In the first week of January, Prime Minister Modi visited Lakshadweep and shared some pictures from there. After this, discussion started on social media that India is preparing Lakshadweep as an alternative to Maldives. Some leaders of Maldives got irritated by this and started making objectionable comments about India and PM Modi. The Maldivian government suspended all three ministers who had made anti-Modi comments.

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