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The pet dog of the President of one country bit the President of another country and made him a victim while caressing it.

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Austria’s President Alexander Van der Bellen was hunted by the same dog as Moldova’s President Mai Sandu.

The dog of the President of one country has made the President of another country, who is on a foreign trip, its victim. The matter is related to the country of Moldova. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen arrived on an official visit to Moldova. But Alexander Van der Bellen had to face a strange situation when Moldova’s President Mai Sandu’s pet dog bit his hand. In a video broadcast by Moldovan media, Belen can be seen standing with President Sandu during a visit to the capital Chisinau, with his pet dog Codrut also standing nearby.

It is seen in the video that as soon as Belen leans towards Codrut to caress him, he bites Belen on his hand. Belen’s office told German news agency DPA that the wound was minor and Belen was immediately given the necessary treatment. It said that the Austrian President is completely healthy. The Austrian President posted about the incident on social media platform ‘Instagram’ on Friday. “Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs and can understand his excitement,” he wrote.

The host President was surprised

Moldova’s host President Mai Sandu became very upset after this incident. The dog which made Alexander its victim is his pet dog. Both the Presidents were walking together. During this time his dog was also there. Within a short time he reached Austrian President Alexander. Alexander started caressing her. He says that he loves dogs very much. He is not saddened by the dog’s bite because he can understand its excitement. (AP)

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