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The top terrorist of Hamas, whom the Israeli army was searching for, reached the capital of this country for an important meeting.

Image Source: AP
Ismail Haniyeh, top terrorist of Hamas.

The top terrorist of Hamas, whom the Israeli army has been searching for for a long time, has been identified. This terrorist had conspired to carry out the heart-wrenching terrorist attack on Israel on October 7. His second associate and terrorist who is called Laden of Hamas is Yahia Sinwar. The Israeli army is also eagerly searching for this. Many times it remained in Israel’s hands. After the Israeli attack in Gaza intensified, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has once again indicated his agreement to the demand for a ceasefire. Therefore, now the terms and conditions for the ceasefire have to be decided. Meanwhile, the top terrorist of Hamas has reached Egypt’s capital Cairo for talks.

This top terrorist of Hamas is Ismail Haniyeh, who has played an important role in training the entire terrorist group, preparing and strengthening it. Its second powerful ally is Yahia Sinwar, with whom the Israeli army is already in trouble. This terrorist is in the hit list of the Israeli army. But till now he has been dodging the IDF. Hamas has said that its top leader Ismail Haniyeh has reached Egypt’s capital Cairo for talks on the war in Gaza.

Egypt becomes a major mediator between Israel and Hamas

Qatar and Egypt have played a key role as mediators between the militant group and Israel since the war began with Hamas’ October 7 attack. Haniyeh is believed to live in Qatar. Hamas said Haniyeh would discuss the war with Egyptian officials after arriving in Cairo on Wednesday. Talks were underway between Israel and Hamas on another ceasefire and the release of more hostages held by the terrorist group, but the two sides are believed to have failed to reach an agreement. (AP)

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