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The world’s oldest person celebrated her 117th birthday, do you know her name? – India TV Hindi

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The world’s oldest person, Maria Branyas Moreira.

Madrid: The world’s oldest person celebrated her 117th birthday with great pomp on Monday. According to reports, Maria Branyas Moreira, living in Catalonia, Spain, is currently the oldest person in the world. Moreira was born on March 4, 1907 in San Francisco, USA and currently lives in Catalonia. She left America at the age of 8 and her birthday was celebrated in the nursing home where she has been living for the last 23 years.

Became the world’s oldest person in January 2023

Guinness World Records awarded Moreira the title of the world’s oldest person in January 2023. Before him, this title was in the name of Lucille Randon, a resident of France, who died at the age of 118. Eva Carrera Boix, director of Moreira’s nursing home, told Guinness World Records, ‘She is overwhelmed by the congratulations she receives from people and their concern for her health.’ He said that Moreira is very happy to celebrate this day with his family and colleagues and wished everyone a ‘Happy Monday’.

Morera is also active on social media with the help of her daughter.

The special thing is that Moreira is very active even at this age and with the help of his 80 year old daughter, profile Maintains. Moreira wrote on X on Monday, ‘Good morning to the whole world, today I have turned 117 years old. I have come this far now. Let us tell you that Moreira is the 12th oldest person in known history. If she is able to celebrate her 118th birthday then she will come at number 5 in the list.

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