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There is a place in the world where people communicate through whistles, the reason will surprise you

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communication through whistles

Visle Language: There are many languages ​​in the world. People talk to each other through these languages ​​and dialects. But you will be surprised to know that there is a place in the world where people do not talk but communicate only through whistling. This language of whistles is quite ancient. The people of the Canary Islands have kept it alive till now. The interesting thing is that CT has more than 4 thousand words of its own vocabulary. Know where this place is and some special things related to this language of whistles.

The echo of the whistle can be heard up to 4 kilometers away

In the island group of La Gomera located in Spain, people talk to each other by whistling. This centuries-old Silbo is the ancient language of Gomero, which is still widely used on the island. The people of the Canary Islands have kept alive the Silbo Gomero whistling tradition. They found that a whistle echoing from the island’s mountains could reach up to 4 kilometers away.

communication through whistles

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communication through whistles

‘Silbo’ one of the rare whistling languages

Silbo is now one of the last 80 whistled languages ​​in the world, helping scientists make unprecedented discoveries about the human brain. This language is spoken especially on the small mountainous island of La Gomera. Children on this mountainous island communicate with each other from miles away using whistles, one of the most unusual languages ​​in the world.

‘Silbo’ has its own vocabulary of 4 thousand words

The whistling language of Gomera Island has a vocabulary of over 4,000 words and is used by Silbadores to send messages across the island’s high peaks and deep valleys. Whistling language is not actually a language of its own, but rather a way of speaking any existing language through whistling. It is considered a famous history of El Silbo.

Started with tonal language, beneficial for shepherds

The original inhabitants of La Gomera were immigrants from part of Mauritania and spoke the Tonal language. Vowels were so important to the sound technique of the language that one could speak simple sentences with only vowels.

Spanish immigrants adopted the Gomeran whistle into their native Spanish. This method has been very good for the shepherds and farmers there.

Whistling language was once becoming extinct, added to school curriculum

Silbo was on the verge of extinction in the 1990s, but Gomers have made a concerted effort to revive their language by adding it to the public school curriculum. Today 3,000 school children are in the process of learning it. On the last day of September 2009, UNESCO granted protected cultural status to El Silbo to protect the culture.

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