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‘They make them do bonded labour, keep them like slaves’, ‘Fishermen’ are being exploited in China

The highest number of cases of exploitation have been found on Chinese ships.

Miami: The conditions of workers on about 500 industrial fishing ships around the world have been found to be extremely pathetic. A new report has revealed that these workers are made to do dangerous work, are also made to do bonded labor and sometimes they are kept like slaves. Although many countries including Russia, Spain, Thailand and Taiwan are named in this report, but the worst condition has been found for the workers of China. Let us tell you that China has already been accused of making laborers work in inhumane manner.

‘One fourth of suspicious ships belong to China’

The report says a lack of transparency and regulatory scrutiny is making it difficult to identify those responsible for abuses at sea. According to the study conducted by the Financial Transparency Coalition, a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization, tracing illicit money flows is the most comprehensive effort yet to identify companies operating ships that expose thousands of workers to unsafe conditions every year. Estimated to be trapped in. The report published on Wednesday said a quarter of the ships suspected of abusing workers were linked to China.

‘The condition of workers is not good in other countries too’
In the report of ‘Financial Transparency Coalition’, the condition of workers of other countries has also not been found to be any better. The report said that conditions of fishermen on ships of Russia, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea were also found to be deplorable. According to the report, incidents of forced labor in the seafood industry are rare but such incidents reflect a ‘wider human rights crisis’. According to the UN’s International Labor Organization, at least 128,000 fishermen globally face the risk of violence, debt bonds, overtime and other conditions such as bonded labour.

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