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This Chinese industry was ruined due to the devastating earthquake, loss of more than 74.6 million US dollars

Image Source: AP
Scene after the devastating earthquake in China.

The death toll so far in this week’s devastating earthquake in China has reached 148. China’s agriculture and fishing industry has suffered the biggest loss due to this earthquake. Due to this the condition of China has worsened. Now China will have to work hard to revive this industry. Let us tell you that at least 148 people were killed due to the powerful earthquake that occurred in North-West China this week and the agriculture and fishing industries are estimated to have suffered a loss of crores of rupees. The country’s media gave this information on Saturday.

Officials in Gansu conducted a preliminary assessment that showed the earthquake caused losses worth US$74.6 million to the province’s agricultural and fishing industries, state broadcaster CCTV reported. According to the news, officials are considering making best use of the relief fund for the agriculture sector so that production can be resumed as soon as possible. This relief fund was created just a few days ago.

More than 14 thousand houses damaged

According to CCTV news, this earthquake occurred between Gansu and Qinghai provinces, about 1,300 kilometers south-west of China’s capital Beijing. This earthquake was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in a mountainous area on Monday night. According to the news, 117 people died in Gansu while 31 people lost their lives in the earthquake in neighboring Qinghai. Three people are still missing. According to the news, about a thousand people were injured in the earthquake and more than 14,000 houses were destroyed. (AP)

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