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This leader of Indian origin called Joe Biden and Donald Trump “sick old men” – India TV Hindi

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US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

​Washington: Indian-American contender Nikki Haley, who is in the race to become the Republican candidate for the US presidential election, has created a ruckus by making indecent remarks against current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Nikki Haley has strongly targeted both the leaders regarding their age. An Indian-American leader has called him a “grumpy old man.” This has created a stir in American politics. Nikki Haley has made a direct attack on US President Joe Biden for the first time.

Let us tell you that Nikki Haley is first facing Donald Trump to become the presidential candidate from the Republican Party. If she is able to defeat Trump, she will again face Biden. But meanwhile, Haley has created a stir by calling both Biden and Trump grumpy old men while referring to the movie ‘Grumpy Old Man’. He shared it on his social media platform by replacing the actors’ faces on the film’s poster with his rivals’ faces.

South Carolina elections are important for Haley

Haley shared this post at a time when South Carolina’s important primary elections are going to be held this month as part of the process of choosing the Republican candidate and Haley’s situation in this primary election is ‘do or die’. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Governor Haley (52) is the only contender left who is challenging Trump (77) to become the Republican candidate. Trump is the Republican candidate and Biden (81) is the strongest contender to become the Democratic candidate. As part of a new series of political ads under the theme ‘Grumpy Old Man’, Haley targeted Trump and Biden over their age. He shared such a poster of the film ‘Grumpy Old Man’ released in 1993 on the social media platform ‘X’ in which the faces of Biden and Trump were used instead of the faces of the film actors.

Haley said- we have to save the country

Vowing to give Trump a tough fight, Haley told reporters on Thursday, “I’m not going anywhere.” We have to save the country.” Biden is America’s oldest president so far. Haley’s campaign team highlighted Trump’s refusal to debate Nikki Haley during the ‘Grumpy Old Man’ ad series. “Trump says he’s smarter than he was 20 years ago and he brags about his ability to pass a mental aptitude test,” a press release said. If this is true, why doesn’t he argue with Haley? Is it that he’s just a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to answer tough questions? Trump is still 54 points ahead of Haley in the primary polls. (Language)

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