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This order of Kim Jong created panic from America to Europe, after all, with whom does this dictator of North Korea want war?

Image Source: AP
Kim Jong, dictator of North Korea.

The whole world is suffering the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas war in one way or the other. But the dictator of North Korea has intensified preparations for another war. Kim Jong Un has instructed his army to speed up war preparations. But with whom does this dictator want to fight? Kim Jong’s preparation is not light, rather he is determined to fight a nuclear war. He wants complete destruction of his enemy. That is why he has no qualms with nuclear war. He also often threatens nuclear attacks on his enemies. Despite hundreds of sanctions, it is increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons without any fear from powerful countries like America.

Now Kim Jong Un has asked his country’s army, munitions industry and nuclear weapons sector to be fully prepared. So that America’s unprecedented confrontational steps can be countered. Kim Jong has ordered the army to speed up war preparations. Speaking on policy directions for the new year at a key meeting of the country’s ruling party on Wednesday, Kim also said Pyongyang would expand strategic cooperation with “independent anti-imperialist” countries, North Korea’s media news agency KCNA reported. Will do.

North Korea strengthening relations with Russia

During this period, North Korea has also started expanding its relations with America’s arch enemy Russia. Washington has previously accused Pyongyang of supplying military equipment to Moscow for use in the war with Ukraine. While Russia provides technical assistance to North Korea to help it advance its military capabilities. KCNA said Kim Jong Un has set insurgent tasks for the People’s Army and the munitions industry, nuclear weapons and civil defense sectors to further intensify war preparations, which has caused panic in many countries around the world.

If provoked, North Korea will be attacked

In view of Kim Jong’s preparations, on Thursday, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol visited a frontline military unit in the eastern county of Yeoncheon and inspected its defense posture and said that in case of any provocation from North Korea, he would immediately take immediate action. Called for retaliatory action. Yun told the troops, “I urge you to immediately and forcefully crush the enemy’s provocations on the spot.” During the party plenum, North Korea’s Kim also laid out economic goals for the new year, calling it a “decisive year” for completing the country’s five-year development plan, KCNA said.

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