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Trump challenges US President Biden to debate – India TV Hindi

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Trump challenges US President to debate

America News: After the pre-elections in America, it has become almost clear that now there is going to be a fierce fight for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have almost made a clean sweep in the pre-elections held on ‘Super Tuesday’ i.e. March 5. Now a tough contest is expected between Trump from the Republican Party and Biden from the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Trump, full of confidence, has taken a step forward and challenged Biden for a debate.

Nikki Haley, who was challenging Trump in the Republican Party in the pre-election, has withdrawn from the candidacy for the post of President. With this, the way has been cleared for Trump to contest the presidential election. It is almost certain that Joe Biden will face Donald Trump in the US presidential election in November.

Trump challenges Joe Biden to debate

After the contest with Joe Biden was decided, Donald Trump has also challenged Biden for a debate. Donald Trump wrote in a post shared on the social media platform Truth that ‘It would be good for our country and people if Joe Biden and I debate issues important to America. I am ready for debate anywhere, anytime.

Only time changed, candidate same

Trump is definitely challenging Biden for a debate, but he himself never participated in the debate. Whereas Nikki Haley had also challenged Trump to debate several times. This time too in America, the candidates are the same who were face to face in 2020. Only the year has changed. In the 2020 elections, Biden defeated Trump in a close contest. Meanwhile, among the issues that can be important in the US presidential elections, the main ones are economy, illegal immigrants, foreign policy, climate change and democracy.

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