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Trump’s path cleared for presidential election, Supreme Court lifts ban – India TV Hindi

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Big relief to Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump got a big relief from the Supreme Court on Monday in the race for the presidential election in America. The US Supreme Court has canceled the ban imposed on Donald Trump. Let us tell you that the top court of America’s Colorado state had given a major decision last December, barring former President Trump from contesting the elections. However, now the US Supreme Court has overturned that decision. Responding to this decision of the Supreme Court, Trump has called it a big victory.

What will happen next now?

The US Supreme Court has rejected efforts to hold former President Donald Trump accountable for the Capitol (Parliament Complex) riot. After this, Trump’s name will now appear on the primary ballot. Earlier, a court had disqualified Trump from Colorado’s Republican primary voting. The Supreme Court justices unanimously overturned that decision of the lower court.

Chances of victory in Super Tuesday

Former President Trump is likely to get the support of a large number of delegates in this week’s Super Tuesday. Let us tell you that Super Tuesday is the day of the primary election process to select the presidential candidates of America, when primary and caucus elections are held in most of the states. It is believed that Trump may officially get the Republican Party’s nomination on Tuesday.

Who is ahead in the presidential race?

Donald Trump is far ahead of his rival Nikki Haley from the Republican Party in the US presidential election candidacy. Let us tell you that there is a possibility of presidential elections in America in November 2024. If we talk about ratings, Trump is at the forefront in this race.

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