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Tunnel of Hamas terrorists found under the headquarters of the United Nations Palestinian Refugee Agency, Israel alleges this – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
UNRWA Agency Gaza.

Gaza Strip: It has been more than 4 months since the Israel-Hamas war. Despite this, the Israeli army continues to attack Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue attacks until the complete elimination of Hamas terrorists. Meanwhile, the Israeli army has been surprised by the discovery of another shocking tunnel of Hamas terrorists. The Israeli military says it has discovered tunnels beneath the headquarters of the UN Palestinian refugee agency in Gaza City that were being used by Hamas militants as an electricity supply chamber. This revelation by the Israeli Army has created a stir.

A few days before this, some employees of the same agency were accused of involvement in the attack on Israel on October 7. Due to this, Israel and the United Nations are now face to face. Israeli Army Lieutenant Colonel Ido said, “This is the power room, you can see batteries all around and power equipment on the walls, everything is powered by these. They get electricity supply from these tunnels.

Agency denied knowledge of tunnel

However, Juliet Touma, director of communications for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA), said the agency was unaware of what lay beneath the headquarters building. Touma said that he had visited the headquarters several times and had not found out about the electrical room. In a statement, Touma said UNWRA had conducted a routine quarterly inspection of the facility in September. “UNRWA is a human development and humanitarian organization that has neither the military and security expertise, nor the capacity to conduct military oversight of what is or could be within its premises,” the statement said. (AP)

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