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Turkey’s biggest enemy Greece wants friendship with India – India TV Hindi

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Türkiye’s biggest enemy Greece wants friendship with India

India Greece News: Türkiye is a staunch Islamic country. The enemy of this country is the historical city of Europe, Greece. Today, due to India’s growing influence in the world, not only developing countries but also developed and European countries want to become friends. This is the reason why Greece wants to make friendship with India. Greece has an old enmity with Turkey. Two years ago, a war broke out between the two over islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

In such a situation, Greece is seeing a powerful friendly country in the form of India. India also needs traditional friendly countries like Greece in the Middle East and Europe. So that fanatic countries like Turkey, which is a friend of Pakistan, can be controlled. This is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Greece last year. During this period, the foundation of strategic cooperation between the two countries was laid.

What did Greece’s Defense Minister say?

Greece’s Defense Minister Nikolaos Dendias has emphasized on increasing defense cooperation with India. He said, “We have established successful trilateral defense cooperation between Armenia, Greece and Cyprus. However, there can be other trilateral or quadrilateral relations with France and India, which are important countries, important powers and very influential countries of Armenia and Greece. Are common allies.” He said this after a meeting with the Armenian Defense Minister.

Türkiye is Greece’s arch enemy

Türkiye and Greece have an old enmity over the Mediterranean Sea. The islands of Greece lie close to the Turkish mainland. Turkey claims that these islands are its part. These areas are also full of natural resources. In such a situation, Turkey is eyeing to capture these islands of Greece. Many times Turkish fighter planes and warships have made unsuccessful attempts to capture these islands of Greece. Two years ago, both the countries had come close to war, but after the intervention of France, Turkey had to step back.

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