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Ukraine created havoc in the Black Sea, a big Russian ship was sunk in a drone attack – India TV Hindi

Image Source: Reuters
Ukraine sinks Russian warship in the Black Sea. (symbolic)

Kiev: Ukraine’s morale has once again increased after receiving defense assistance from America. The Ukrainian Army has claimed to have sunk a large Russian warship in the Black Sea through a drone attack. Ukraine said on Thursday it had used a maritime drone to sink a Russian corvette in the Black Sea. Ukrainian Army has also released a video in this regard. Russian investigators had alleged that a Russian military transport plane that crashed last month was shot down by two US-made Patriot missiles fired by Kiev’s forces.

Ukraine’s military intelligence agency (GUR) has released a video in which it can be seen that naval drones are attacking a Russian vessel on Wednesday night. In footage released on GUR’s social media, several naval drones can be seen hitting a vessel and exploding. (AP)

Now European Union gave 50 billion euros to Ukraine

Before the completion of 2 years of Russia-Ukraine war, the European Union has announced major help for Ukraine. Due to this, the face of frustrated President Zelensky has brightened up again. Earlier, Zelensky had appealed to the European Union for help several times, but the EU countries had expressed their inability to provide further assistance. After this America came forward to help. Zelensky has run out of weapons fighting the war with Russia. At such a time, the European Union has now announced an aid of 50 billion Euro dollars to the Ukrainian Army.

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