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UNSC accepted UAE’s proposal regarding Gaza, Palestinians were elated

Image Source : PTI
UN Security Council.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted a major resolution to provide relief to the people of Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war. This proposal was presented by the United Arab Emirates. Acting on the resolution, the UN Security Council has adopted the demand to increase humanitarian aid in Gaza, but there is no mention of a ceasefire in it. The UN Secretary-General said a ceasefire was ‘critically important’ for aid to be delivered effectively.

This proposal prepared by the United Arab Emirates was discussed intensively for several days. After this, the Council of 15 countries adopted it on Friday. 13 votes were cast in favor of this proposal. Whereas not a single vote was cast in protest. At the same time, Russia and America did not participate in the voting. There is no mention of a ceasefire in this proposal and hence experts termed it as ‘weak’.

Demand for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters at UN headquarters after the resolution was adopted that a humanitarian ceasefire was the only way to meet the needs of the people in Gaza. “I hope today’s Security Council resolution can finally help do that, but much more still needs to be done,” he said. More than 20,000 Palestinian civilians have died so far in the war started by Israel in Gaza. Gaza Health Department officials gave this information on Friday. (Language)

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