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US President Biden said about Donald Trump – we cannot let him win

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US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump

There is a presidential election in America in 2024. In view of this, election campaigns in America have also intensified. It is expected that US President Joe Biden may face a tough fight from former President Donald Trump in the elections. Trump is also being considered the favorite candidate to contest against Biden. Meanwhile, a big statement from US President Joe Biden has come out.

“…then I also don’t contest elections again”

Joe Biden told campaign donors on Tuesday that if former President Donald Trump had not been running for the presidency, he probably would not have run for the post again. He warned that democracy is under greater threat in 2024 and that Trump and his allies are bent on destroying democratic institutions.

Joe Biden mentioned Trump’s statements

The President, while addressing a fund-raising event, warned people about what could happen if the former President again claimed control of the White House. He referred to Trump’s statements and expressed his resolve to root out robbers in the country. “We have to do it, not because of me,” Biden insisted. If Trump had not been in this race, I can say with confidence that I too would not have been in this race. “We can’t let them win.”

Trump is the main contender in the Republican Party

Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential front-runner, is facing criminal charges related to his efforts to overturn the results of the election he lost in 2020. Over the weekend, Trump called Biden the destroyer of American democracy. On Tuesday, ‘Fox News’ channel’s Sean Hannity asked Trump to promise that he would never abuse power in the form of retribution against anyone. In response, Trump said, I want to close the border.

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