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What is the belief about Ramayana in Colombo, Sri Lankan minister told this amazing thing – India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
A scene from the Ramayana saga.

There is no need to tell anyone what is the importance of the holy book Shri Ramayana in India. But perhaps you may not know about the reverence that people have for Ramayana in their hearts and minds in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Minister Jeevan Thondaman has given amazing information about this on Friday. He said that Ramayana is the common cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and India and it helps in strengthening the cultural consciousness and relations of both the countries. The Sri Lankan minister said that relations between India and Sri Lanka have reached an excellent state.

Let us tell you that Thondaman said this during the inauguration of the two-month long exhibition ‘Chitrakavyam Ramayanam’ at the ‘National Gallery of Modern Art’ (NGMA) here. In his address, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Water Supply and Resource Infrastructure Development, Thondaman said, “People-to-people contacts further strengthen our civilizational and cultural ties. Sri Lankans also have the same respect for Ramayana as Indians do.

Ramayana is the cultural saga of India and Sri Lanka

Referring to the exhibition, Thondaman said, “Looking at these extraordinary scenes, one can understand how the Ramayana is a shared cultural narrative for both Sri Lanka and India, contributing to a shared cultural consciousness and helping to strengthen relations.” During this, he also discussed the character of Ravana in a light manner and told that the image of Ravana among the people in India is not the same as the people in his country see him. He said, “On our side, Ravana is considered an efficient administrator and even in Saint Valmiki’s Ramayana, when Ravana was dying in the battlefield, Lord Rama sat beside him and took the tricks of administration and leadership from him.” (Language)

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