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What kind of suggestion did the President of Pakistan give on the issue of Palestine?

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Pakistan President Arif Alvi

Pakistan on Palestine: War continues between Israel and Palestine. Even in Pakistan, voices in favor of Palestine and against Israel have been raised loudly. Pakistanis have also taken the side of Hamas in the Gaza war. Meanwhile, Pakistan President Arif Alvi discussed with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmood Abbas on telephone and gave such advice which proved costly for him. Now the opposition is demanding his resignation.

What suggestion did the President of Pakistan give that proved costly?

Giving a suggestion to Pakistan President Arif Alvi seems to be costing him dearly. He suggested a one state solution to resolve the issue of Palestinians. Due to his remarks, the caretaker government withdrew its hands and demanded his resignation. The President’s Office initially issued a statement stating that President Alvi had a telephone conversation with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas during which he suggested a ‘one state solution’.

First statement given, later withdrawn

Alvi said that if Israel is not agreeing to ‘two state solution’ i.e. two nation solution, then propose a one nation solution to it. With this proposal, people of Muslim and Christian communities will be able to live with equal rights. As soon as the statement from the President’s Office came out, all the TV channels broadcast this news. Later the statement was withdrawn and a new statement was issued. There was no mention of this proposal in it.

sought clarification on controversial remarks

PPP MP Raza Rabbani in Parliament sought clarification from him on this controversial comment. On this, acting Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani said that Alvi’s proposal was not in accordance with the country’s customs, policies and principles. The Foreign Minister said that the President issued a press release and did not give any information to the Ministry of External Affairs. The Foreign Minister said that we did not know anything that the President had suggested a one-state solution to the President of Palestine over phone.

President should resign

Jilani said that after the President’s statement the ministry had to quickly issue a clarification. In this, it was made clear what is the stand of Pakistan on the issue of Palestine. MP Raza Rabbani said that the President should resign. He also asked the Foreign Minister to tell the House what the government has done to end the controversy arising from the President’s statement.

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