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What thing did Defense Minister Austin hide from his President…which made Biden sad?

Image Source: AP
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and President Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden has become very unhappy with his own Defense Minister Lloyd Austin. Actually, Austin hid something from Biden that the American President did not like. Biden has expressed his pain in front of the media. Let us now tell you what was that thing that Austin did not tell his President and Biden became so sad about it. Actually this matter is related to Austin’s health. Austin was admitted to the hospital for treatment of his illness without informing the President. On this, US President Joe Biden said on Friday that it was a wrong decision not to inform him about the hospitalization of the country’s Defense Minister Lloyd Austin last week.

However, Biden also said that despite this he still has confidence in his minister. Biden was asked by reporters whether the Defense Minister’s decision not to give him (Biden) information about his health was inappropriate, to which the President replied “yes”. Asked if he still had confidence in Austin’s leadership, Biden replied, “Yes, I do.” Biden told reporters after visiting local business organizations outside Allentown, Pennsylvania. Answered the questions.

Austin admitted for treatment of this disease

It is being told that Austin had prostate cancer and had recently undergone an operation, but this information was not given to Biden. Members of both political parties in the country have condemned Austin for hiding this information from the President and some leaders have also demanded his resignation. Austin was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on December 22, 2023, where he underwent surgery. Austin was transferred to the intensive care (ICU) unit on January 1 after initial tests revealed a bladder infection. This important information related to the US Foreign Minister was not given to Biden and senior administration officials till Tuesday morning. (AP)

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