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When MV MarlinLuanda ship started burning in the Gulf of Aden due to missile attack, Navy saved it – India TV Hindi

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Ship catches fire in Gulf of Aden.

A day earlier on January 27, the MV MarlinLuanda ship suddenly caught fire in the Gulf of Aden. The crew had lost all hope. But the Indian Navy present in the Gulf of Aden responded so swiftly in the emergency situation that the fire on the ship was extinguished. The ship caught fire due to an unknown missile attack in the Gulf of Aden. The ship’s captain stated that “I had lost all hope”. Indian Navy came like an angel. The captain of the ship hit by the missile thanked the Navy for the rescue.

The Indian Navy said a team of 10 firefighters brought the fire under control after six hours. The fire fighting team of an Indian Navy warship extinguished a massive fire that broke out after a missile attack on a merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday night. INS Visakhapatnam, present in the Gulf of Aden, responded to the SOS call from the merchant ship Marlin Launda. There were 22 Indians and one Bangladeshi national on board the oil tanker. The Navy shared a video on Twitter, showing the captain of the merchant ship thanking the warship’s personnel for responding to the SOS call.

Salute to Indian Navy

Captain of the ship Abhilash Rawat said “I thank the Indian Navy warship INS Visakhapatnam. We had lost all hope of fighting this fire. Salute to the Indian Navy, whose experts came onboard to fight the fire. Indian Navy She came forward to help us.” The Indian Navy team is currently monitoring the situation to rule out any possibility of an emergency,” the Navy said, adding that a US and French warship also responded to the ship’s distress call. US Central Command (CENTCOM) said that The ship, owned by the Britain-based company, was hit by a ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who have been targeting merchant ships in the Red Sea amid the raging Israel-Hamas conflict.

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